Memories may be beautiful and yet………

As I have frequently reported throughout this blog, my dad had dementia for the last 8 years of his life and was cared for brilliantly by my Mum at home until he died last November. Today is a special day as I am doing the Memory Walk for the Alzheimer’s Society with my sister, niece and friend.We spent last night giggling, as we decorated signs to pin to our t-shirts to show that we would be walking in his memory. I am expecting the Memory Walk to be very popular as dementia is such a prevalent condition that touches so many families lives these days, so it is bound to be an emotional morning and it should be a great fund-raiser as just between us we will have raised over £500!

In the last few years of Dad’s life, he was confined to his downstairs bedroom where he slept, was fed and cared for. In many ways he became more like Joshua : he was virtually non-verbal, he was incontinent, he needed help to be dressed and virtually all of his decisions were made for him. But , like Joshua, he maintained his own personality and had a real presence in the family and we all loved him dearly.

Dementia is a cruel disease that steals our loved ones from us and that is why we are walking together with other sufferers’ families today to raise both money and awareness for this blight.

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