Nobody is immune from dementia

The Memory Walk was a great event and a fun day out : we arrived in the rain and so as we parked the car, had to work out how to wear our coats and have our carefully made signs , proudly boasting that we were walking for dad/grandpa , visible. There were ‘old hands’ there who had already put their Alzheimer’s Society t-shirts on over the top of their cagouls but I decided that it was warm drizzle and so no coat was required.

It was very moving seeing the range of walkers gather and reading their signs on their backs, it just brought it home just how many families are affected by dementia: there were elderly ladies walking for their husbands, living and deceased, as well as young children walking to support their grandparents. Dementia is not selective, it seems to attack all types of families and all were represented there yesterday.

We did not walk very far, maybe around 4 miles, but we walked together in our Alzheimer’s society t-shirts and that was the significant part for me, not the physical achievement. We were all united in the same cause and I struck up a couple of conversations with strangers. The rain dried up and the sun came out too, which was a bonus, but no sign of dad’s rainbow this time, sadly.

I think I read or heard once that people with learning difficulties are more prone to dementia, which seems a particularly cruel twist of fate. But we cannot worry about things in the future that we cannot control, so I will put that potential tragedy to one side for now.

My niece and I raised over £500 for The Alzheimer’s Society between us so that is a great total and I am very grateful for everyone’s generous support.

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