Opportunities not disasters!

As a personality I try to seek out the silver linings in most situations ; rather than regarding everything as a disaster, I prefer to convert experiences into opportunities. It is a pretty effective coping mechanism as an outlook. So if something goes wrong in my day, I try to turn that on its head to see if there can be a positive to come out of it, but this can be easier said than done in some situations :

That is what I try to achieve by my three outstanding complaints logged with the NHS – we have a poor experience, but maybe some good could come out of it for someone else in the future, if action is taken to improve matters.  I have at least had an acknowledgement to last week’s complaint to accept that it was a serious issue and that they will need time to investigate it fully.

My husband is going to be 50 years old next month and he is feeling old in the run up to this milestone : I have organised a surprise birthday treat for him which will involve members of his family getting together to celebrate. I really hope that he enjoys what I have planned and that it allows him to forget that he is moving into the next decade.

I do not like having to make overnight stays with work, I prefer to, where possible, travel home even if it means getting home at midnight. But sometimes it is not feasible or practical to drive home late, and in those instances I try to stay with friends or family to create something pleasant out of necessity. I have had a client for 22 years now which is just 15 minutes drive away from my parents’ house and so historically, I have often called in for lunch, afternoon tea or even staying overnight with them if it ties in with meetings. That has been the best silver lining of having a demanding job that involves long days of motorway driving.

Even this blog is about converting some of our difficult experiences into something positive, that other parents of children with special needs could benefit from.

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