People person

I sent a sleepy Joshua off to school and apparently he slept all day long, not even being able to be roused for lunch, which is unusual. While my boy was sleeping the day away, I had a better day as it was very sociable and I consider myself to be a ‘people person’ :

I took some home-made shortbread stars into work for a colleague’s 60th birthday and he seemed to appreciate them and he returned the favour by telling me a funny story about an ex-client of his who married a sailor in a dress and who had a computer that flirted with him! I returned to the sanity of my own office and worked hard for he rest of the morning. On my way to collect my car at lunchtime from the car wash, a friend gave me an impromptu lift there and we sat talking, exchanging tales, for 15 minutes, catching up on each others’ news. That chat made me 15 minutes late for my lunchtime meeting, but it was further compounded by slow traffice en route.

We sat in the cafe’s window eating a delicious lunch and exchanging news, stories, gossip,laughter and advice , so much so that our two-hour meeting flew by! I think we managed to put the world to rights during that time. As I waved her off, I then went to visit a friend who has recently opened a boutique and I am incredibly impressed by all that she has achieved in such a short space of time! I treated myself to some purchases as we exchanged news and giggles and I wish her well with the success of her store. From there I drove home at 5pm having talked and listened all day long.

I got home at 6pm to receive a beam from my sleepy son but it was brief, as by 7pm he was tucked up in bed. Joshua is a sociable soul – he lights up when he sees his favourite people – but sadly, I doubt that he will ever have the pleasure of the day that I had yesterday, as his condition has deprived him of his ability to make two-way conversation to any meaningful extent and as such, he has been deprived of one of the great joys of my life.

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