Topsy turvey

Joshua is totally contrary in his behaviour after seizures and it is impossible to predict with any real accuracy. I wrote yesterday that he woke me yesterday morning by pulling my hair, so I slept in a different room from him last night! But yesterday he was up at 3.30 and stayed awake as I did my early baking, he was giggling and hugging and was good company. I drove him into school and he stayed awake as we drove through the country lanes with the car windows open and music blasting out.

Once at school, Joshua greeted everyone he met with a grin and some even were rewarded with hugs but I warned his teacher that he had been up early after two seizures yesterday, so this good mood could indicate more trouble on the way. I was in school all morning, with a meeting and then a bake sale for the staff in aid of ‘Jeans for Genes’. So at lunchtime I sought him out to check how he was doing. He was in the canteen enjoying his school dinner, trying to kiss his helper! He spotted me across the canteen and pointed with a beam and as I stood next to him I was showered with hugs and kisses too. I was told that he had been this affectionate all morning and that they had been trying to take a photograph of him to go on his locker, but he kept kissing the camera!

So I left school reassured, and headed home planning a siesta, which never happened in the two hours that I had to myself before Joshua arrived home. He was still happy but once home, he developed staring phases as though he was battling another seizure. Sadly this staring had prevented him from being allowed access to the swimming pool, which is disappointing as prior to that he had been in the best of moods to be able to really enjoy a friday afternoon swim!

In reality, the swimming teacher had been over-cautious as the threatened seizure did not materialise all afternoon or evening. Even I cannot predict , me who knows his seizures and behaviour better than anyone probably, when one will come as often we get the tell tale signs but no seizure, or no warning, and a massive seizure. We just have to remain vigilant and safe but not simply sit waiting for the inevitable seizure, while life passes him by.

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