unusual undertakings on Saturday night!

I apologise that todays’ blog is later than usual but Joshua and I had a sleepover last night at a friend’s house and first of all I had a lie in until 7.2- it was disorienting to wake up in the daylight rather than darkness –  and as my hostess was up before me, we then spent all morning talking! So I did not have my usual quiet, solo reflecting time, hence have only had that time on our way home in the car.

As I drove I pondered what a lovely time we had both had : lots of talking, giggling, eating and too much Baileys for me and a new playing companion and lots of licks from a different dog for Joshua. He slept well in a different bed and the seizures stayed away – much to everyone’s relief. We are very lucky that Joshua is sociable, unafraid of large black dogs and is not freaked out by a change of routine or new environment.

I hope that we are invited back another time and we too, can return the favour. I was told that I was not allowed to bring a present, but if she reads this she will learn that she now has to search high and low in our bedroom to find something that we deliberately left behind to say thank you.

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