Very vague future plans

On Sunday nights, I start to review the week ahead in my mind so that I can see where I need to be, when and if I need to be buying any birthday presents and getting them in the post for example or be aware of appointments that we need to keep: last week I needed to make time for the final visit from our social worker, an orthotics appointment, a meeting at school and my Jeans for Genes bake sale. It will be similar this week: Riding for the Disabled starts again tonight, we have a review of Joshua’s arm/hand since his botox injections in May on Thursday morning, I am organising a Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday morning and then we are visiting Joshua’s new respite facility on Friday afternoon.So all of these commitments, are in addition to the daily business of getting him off to school and me off to work!

My calendar is my lifeline so that I know where I should be at all times. I am trying to make use of my electronic diary on my mobile but as its completion is rather hit and miss, it is not a reliable source of information and I rely much more on my scribbled on kitchen calendar.

They say that if you want something done, then ask a busy person and I think that might well be true as we are used to having a busy schedule and so, squeezing extra activities in, such as unexpected hospital visiting, is not too difficult to accommodate. That being said, a busy person might well forget or overlook something and may not be too flexible in the light of last-minute changes.

I work on a week by week basis, and I struggle to look much further ahead than that and this has got worse since Joshua’s seizures have led to many broken promises and appointments. I was asked last night what our Christmas plans are!!! With more than three months to go, I replied that I had no idea and to ask me again in December!

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