xtra special care

I wrote this time last week about the husband of Joshua’s ‘adopted grandma’s husband and how fragile life is. He is stable now in hospital but still very poorly and this looks as though he will be in hospital for at least a month, as they try to get him well enough to carry out a triple heart bypass operation on him. He is very unhappy in hospital and emotional after his trauma too and keeps asking to come home. Yesterday the Doctor agreed that he could go home whenever he wanted, but that if he chose to do so, he WOULD die! He may now realise the severity of his condition.

But yesterday she met Joshua from school for the first time in a week for me, as she is trying to get her life as normal as possible and that means meting Joshua off his taxi from school  by 4pm and giving him his tea and playing with him until I get home from work, which was 5.45 yesterday. She was rewarded by ‘lots of hugs and smiles’ yesterday and for  a couple of hours she was able to put her husband’s illness to one side and focus on another male that she loves, who also needs her care. All being well, she hopes to do the same again tonight.

I have been struggling to know how I can help her in this time of crisis : last Thursday night I drove her to hospital and we visited the patient together and I have offered to do the same every week until he comes home. That seemed to help last week as I was able to try to make him laugh and I was able to listen during the 40 minute journey there and back. On Sunday I made her an apple crumble as I was worried that she was not eating properly, spending so little time between hospital visits at home. But yesterday, it suited us both that she resumed her usual routine for Tuesday after school.

Neither of us can know how her husband’s health will resolve itself, but what is for sure is that spending 2 hours with Joshua was a great tonic for her and gave her a different focus, some brief respite from the potential tragedy going on in her family. Perhaps when he is stronger, Joshua can visit his ‘adopted Yorkshire Grandad’ to see if he can work his magic smile on him too?

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