Yawning young man

Yesterday was the first day since re-starting school two weeks ago, that Joshua managed to stay awake all day! during the first week he slept most of the day and then he was staying awake all morning, but crashing out on his bean bag in the afternoon. But yesterday he was encouraged to stay awake throughout the school day. He enjoyed his morning toast and he ate half of his school lunch too. I am delighted that school can accommodate Joshua’s need to sleep during the day – whether it is because he is exhausted by the ‘early’ start, a result of medication side-effects or simply because he is a teenaged boy, we will never know for sure, but I suspect that it is a combination of all three. They now know him well enough to be able to tell the difference between laying his head down as a means of avoiding a dull lesson and his physical need to rest.

The occupational therapist is coming to see him in school today with a suggestion for a more suitable desk chair for him as he rejected the previous one that was sourced and simply refused to sit in it! The ideal school chair will support him, keep him upright when he is working, will enable him to keep his feet firmly planted on the floor for his sense of security and will allow him to fit his tall knees under the desk so that he can join his peers at the table when working. So I will hear later if this option meets all of those criteria, as it was requested back in June, it has certainly been a long time coming.

The OT called me at work yesterday morning to invite me into school this morning to view the new chair , to offer my opinion, even though she was conscious that it was short notice. I explained that Joshua himself would not be in school this morning as we have a hospital OT appointment.So it was fortunate that she had consulted me as she could have had a wasted trip but instead she changed the visit to 2-2.30 when he should be back in school and suggested that I might like to attend. I explained that I was already ‘missing in action’ all morning as far as my work were concerned all morning, and so if I were to wait around at school until 2.30, I would then find myself bringing Joshua home with me at 3.15 and the working day would  be over for me, before it even began!

She understood this and so she has kindly agreed to bring the chair to me, at home, after 4pm so that I can have my opinion too, which is time that I had planned to be at home with Joshua anyway. Such short notice daytime appointments do not lend themselves to working parents at all and I find that this is a battle that I fight regularly.

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