My crazy day off

I wanted to share with  you how I spent my day off yesterday as it was crazy busy but rewarding too: I woke at 4.40 and wrote my blog as it has become how I start everyday now. But then I rolled my sleeves up and began baking cakes for my Macmillan coffee morning so by 7am we had a lemon drizzle tray bake and chocolate cake cooling in the kitchen. Then it was time to wake Joshua and get him ready for school, and thankfully he had had a good night’s sleep so was pretty obliging and the taxi took him away at 8.20.

I loaded up my car and drove across town to the office to set up my coffee morning – blowing up balloons, laying tables, setting out goodies, buying milk and sugar etc – and we were ready for the first visitors before 10 which was quite an achievement.There was thankfully a steady stream of visitors who seemed to appreciate the choice of baking, other friends and colleagues had added homemade scones, cheesecake, apple cake, carrot cake and buns to my creations so we had a good selection. The morning passed in a fun whirl, with me chatting and making hot drinks, and I simply asked for donations for Macmillan.I had guests up until 1pm when we finished and everything thankfully went to plan.

I had a very kind helper who tidied up for me as I made a dash home to pack up the car and collect my husband and 4 dogs and we drove to school to fetch Joshua early. I was briefly required for a photograph for the school website, which was a giggle, but then we were on our way. It was Joshua’s first visit to his new respite provision, as I drove, both boys in the car slept during the hour-long journey!

We received a friendly but noisy welcome and Joshua snuggled into his dad on the settee, perhaps a bit overwhelmed, while I talked and filled in 101 consent forms. We toured around the facility, its sunny garden, its many living rooms and some of the bedrooms that will be made available to him eventually.  Then he had his tea with the other three teenagers who will all be on his weekend rotation, two young men, one of which in particular Joshua was fascinated by, and a young lady who was more demanding of attention. He ate most of his pasta  but all of his sticky toffee pudding, as all of the food is homemade and looked good. Then he watched some YouTube clips in a sensory room with flashing lights and a comfy beanbag, which I can imagine becoming a favourite haunt of his. Around 6pm, we left and we drove a further 90 minutes north for our weekend away.

When we arrived we ordered an Indian takeaway and took Joshua into a pub while it was cooked. He loved the jukebox, real coal fire and drinking his J20 and eating crisps and peanuts, he was very excited to be out on a Friday night. We soon felt at home after we had eaten after which I counted my Macmillan fund-raising and was delighted to have raised £240 – all on cake!!! I thank everyone for their time and generosity, that exceeded all of my expectations.

So it was a mad but fulfilling ‘day off’ and I loved it!

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