Birthday joy

The 28th of September has always been a special date in my life, a date that I would look forward to when I was a girl as it is my birthday today! But as you get older, it becomes a bit less exciting : you get fewer cards and presents typically, you can often find yourself working all day and too tired to celebrate in the evening and you often prefer a lie in to getting up early to open your presents! Joshua is not in the least bit interested in present opening, but he does enjoy blowing candles out and eating cake so I had best get baking! I am however looking forward to my birthday today for a reason other than cake and parcels….

This blog is being published on Joshua’s school website, for parents and staff alike to read, so I welcome any new readers that are joining us for the first time today. To you, I hope that you find it interesting and worthwhile reading . There are no real rules but I aim to discuss the ups and downs of everyday life with a son with special needs and to try to make some sense of it all. I hope that you recognise some of what I say in your own experiences but if not, it can be interesting just to see someone else’s perspective by sharing.

I have now been blogging for almost 4 months on a daily basis and I have not yet run out of material or things to say, so I hope to be able to keep it up for sometime to come. Writing my blog has become a routine in my life now, it is usually the first thing that I do on waking and I love my quiet, reflecting time on my own, when it is still dark and before the rest of the house wakes up. I am always flattered to learn that readers take time out of their day to read what I have to say, so to all new readers from the school website, thank you for joining us!

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