Out of control

Yesterday I was working away from home until late and so my husband was called upon, unusually, to meet Joshua from school. He is forgetful and so I was anxious that Joshua was not left sitting on the doorstep, so I started to call him from 3pm to remind him. I  got his answer phone on his mobile, repeatedly. I  called his work mobile and left a message. By 3.30 my message was pretty anxious saying ” are you on your way home or do I need to turn around and meet him myself?”

His laid back dad called me at 3.35 to say he was on his way home and he would be there for 4pm. I could relax as he had not forgotten so I carried on my journey. But I reflected that I must be a ‘ control freak’ as I was very uncomfortable being out of control. I needed to know that normal service was being resumed even though neither me nor my bereaved carer, were taking care of Joshua. It is a difficult thing to let go and particularly when I was working away at a distance.

but all was well with Dad in charge : Joshua had his medication, devoured his fish fingers and oven chips tea and snuggled down for a nap. By the time I returned home at 11pm, Joshua was bathed and tucked up in bed in his pyjamas. Perhaps it would be good for both of us if his Dad met Joshua from school more often?!

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