Let the fun and games commence!

At the moment, Joshua is saving all his vocalisation and smiles for school, as he is so exhausted by the time he gets home from school that he is eating his tea then going to sleep for the night! Yesterday he looked as though he had won the lottery when he got home, he was excited and bounded into the house. He danced to his Live 8 Show briefly, getting as far as U2’s ‘One Love’, then enjoyed his tea but then curled up in his favourite armchair.

Last night that suited me as I had my husband’s birthday presents to wrap, birthday cake to make and a bath to enjoy. But tonight we are going out for a birthday meal with friends at 7pm! Based on last night, he will want to be in his pyjamas by then not heading for a night out on the town! Lucidly this restaurant has booths so he might be able to nod off in relative comfort. He is going to be subjected to a weekend of family celebrations as his Dad is 50 today and all sorts of surprises are lined up!! I just hope that he has the energy to participate.

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