Birthday bash

I am delighted to report that the birthday boy had a great day and the sun shone throughout! I had bought my husband 13 presents but made him open them, one by one, every half hour so he was still opening gifts at 5.30! We were all up early to wave Joshua off to school, so he missed some of the fun at home. He opened all his cards and rang his mother to be re-told the tale of his arrival 50 years earlier.

we took the dogs for a sunny walk, so they had fun too. Then he had a birthday bath before we cycled into town for a tasty pub lunch. We did some errands in town then cycled to the sea front for a nice cream. The birthday boy then decided we had time to complete an 8 mile ride along the coast and back home through villages, getting us back home with just five minutes to spare before Joshua got back from school!

I then added they cream, raspberries and candles to his cake and Joshua joined in with the ‘happy birthday’ singing and his favourite blowing out of candles, where he always gets frightening close to the flames with his face! In fact he enjoys candles so much that back when he was four years old and we were tackling toilet training, to blow a candle out was his reward for a wee in the toilet!!!

Joshua and I then had a brief nap , while the birthday boy cut the grass, so that we were both refreshed ready for our birthday meal out with friends. We all sat in a booth and enjoyed a scrummy meal. Joshua , far from being asleep as I had dreaded, was full of beans and beams! He shared my starter then enjoyed his own spaghetti main course and was entertained by watching our fellow diners and the waitresses! We had another slice of birthday cake for pudding when we got home, so he was up late for a school night, but your dad is only 50 once!!! He gets to do it all again next year when it’s my turn!!!

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