A close shave

A happy Joshua went off to school yesterday morning, with my promise that we would collect him at 1.15 to come away with us on Daddy’s surprise birthday weekend away. I then set about  baking, cooking and packing so that we could be free on time! At 11.03 I had a text from his teacher to say that she ‘ could not shut Joshua up’ as he was very vocal and jolly. Although I was delighted, I warned that often such giddiness precedes a seizure and to keep a close eye on him.

my prediction then sadly came true and I then had a call to tell me that he washing in his teachers arms, at their Friday morning soft play area, having had the threatened seizure. I took deep breaths, counted to three and  jumped in the car to drive the 25 minutes to school to bring him home. My mind was racing ahead on the journey, but in fact I arrived at school before Joshua did, so I awaited the mini bus in reception.

a very clammy, starey Joshua arrived in his wheelchair and I loaded him into the car , thanked the school staff and took him home. On the drive home I reflected on the unfairness of epilepsy : that he had been so lively and happy one minute, reducing three normally dry-eyed staff to tears, and then he was on the floor and reduced to a silent, twitching boy. That had his seizure been any more prolonged that instead of spending the weekend at Center Parcs, we could have been spending it at A&E! That his family were now not going to see and share the happy, lively, chatty grandson/ nephew/cousin but were going to meet a withdrawn boy who stared into the distance.

once home again, I resumed my preparations but now had a post- seizure Joshua to watch over and he insisted on standing up, despite his trembling legs. I had lost about 90 minutes in my morning but I was just grateful that we did not find ourselves in A&E! We got away after 2pm and Joshua joined in as much as he was able, in the festivities last night

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