Twelve go wild in the forest!

We are away this weekend to celebrate my husband’s 50th birthday with his and my family so there were 12 of us went out for an Italian meal last night. We had a wonderful evening – the food was delicious, the service was excellent, we consumed four bottles of wine and the company was fun! We were hungry as we had spent the afternoon in the swimming pool and riding the rapids.

Joshua , having had his last seizure  at 7am, was very ‘ in and out’ all day. He would be alternately gazing aimlessly at the ceiling or grinning and high 5ing everyone. Despite his ‘fuzzy head’ he really enjoyed the day and the crowd. When we got back to our accommodation he beamed to see all 12 of us sitting around the lounge chatting and laughing! He waved across the room and then he grabbed his Nanna around the neck and pulled her in for one of his special cuddles, not letting go for ages. He even stayed awake and up until after midnight when we all went to bed.

He really is a sociable lad and loves a party, despite epilepsy getting in the way. He is still asleep now but I’m hoping that the after effects of yesterday and Fridays two seizures will have worn off fully, so that he can really enjoy what is left of this special, memorable weekend.

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