A proper early night

Lately Joshua has been so sleepy after school, that he has literally eaten his tea then curled up in the armchair and gone to sleep for the night, so that I have seen him awake for maybe an hour a day maximum! I tried a new routine yesterday, so that after he ate his tea, we took an early bath, to prolong the evening and ensure he did not miss his bath.

He was keen as he does enjoy his baths, but my plan backfired as within eight minutes of getting into the warm , bubbly water, he was snoring!! His bath was just too relaxing to resist. I used this quiet time to cut his finger and toe nails, with none of the usual objections and then I cruelly, woke him up by washing his hair! That did the trick and so I was able to get my squeaky clean boy, out of his bath.

We were both in our pyjamas before 7pm and he was tucked up in his bed soon after, with a Bruce Springsteen DVD on as a lullaby. I left him to it and came downstairs, switching on the monitor so that I could watch him as I cooked. After just five minutes, I watched him curl up and fall asleep. It may well have been an early night and his Dad did not see him awake at all yesterday, but he did have a bath and go to bed in his pyjamas, so that is progress on the previous couple of nights when he has spent the majority of the evening in the armchair, still in his school uniform.

Joshua has never had a good bedtime routine, but last night is probably what we should aim to do every night. bizarrely enough, I have just found an invitation to a two-hour ‘Sleep workshop’ in his school bag for ‘parents of children with special education needs and disabilities that are having sleep difficulties’ and I plan to sign up right now.

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