A very special visitor

I met Joshua from school at 3.45, in fact the taxi was waiting in the drive when I got home, so I was a couple of minutes late as I got talking at the office as I was leaving! I told him that Yorkshire Grandma was never late for him, indeed she tells me off regularly for cutting things fine! We came indoors and he had his medication immediately, as I knew that I still had to make our tea! Again Joshua kept peering into the kitchen as if to say accusingly ‘ Yorkshire Grandma has my tea waiting for me when I come home!’

We had been home about nine minutes when Yorkshire Grandma appeared to visit us and she was greeted with a huge beam from Joshua, he has missed her so much! she was over here to collect some clothes ready for her husband’s funeral next week and I had invited her for an evening meal before she headed back to her daughter’s house. She would then have plenty of time to top up on Joshua hugs, kisses and smiles.

After his initial greeting, Joshua was then slightly cooler with her, as if to say that he had noticed that she had been missing for the last three weeks! He does this, he sulks and I have been on the receiving end of that too when I have had to work away. Eventually my Barbecued chicken meal was ready and we sat down to eat together. After a cup of tea, it was time for her to head back to her daughter’s house and Joshua was already demanding his ‘bath!’. As we all stood up from the table, Joshua grabbed her for one of his famous bear hugs and all was forgiven.

We will now not see her until the funeral in a week’s time and I have warned her that Joshua will be coming too and hoping that he behaves in church and the crematorium. She had a long drive and I had a text to say that she had made it back by 9pm. It is her 70th birthday today and so she is in my thoughts even more than usual as this will not be the birthday weekend that she had planned, but she will at least know that she is loved by Joshua and me as she eats the lemon drizzle cake that I sent her away with.

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