Sleep is for losers!

We had a sociable day yesterday as it will be our niece’s birthday this week so we drove 90 minutes to join them for a birthday pub lunch in the countryside and then returned to my sister’s house for afternoon tea, which we not really hungry for! Joshua is now used to his family turning up in different locations and he’s always pleased to see them and never gets phased! We were having such a good time, that we stayed until after 6 pm.

Joshua had a bath after his snack tea , which he devoured, so he was in bed tucked up by 9 pm. I kept nodding off while watching television so I followed him to bed a couple of hours later and fell asleep immediately.

I was woken an hour ago, at 2.30, by hearing Joshua calling out ‘daddy’ but sadly his Dad was not responding, so I went into his room across the landing to find him very happy and surrounded by books in bed! We had a little chat then I brought him some Rice Krispies to eat. Now I am sitting at the end of his bed , while he is enjoying a Bruce Springsteen DVD as he would not lie down and go back to sleep. I have explained that it’s now 3.30 am and that he has another four hours before he has to get up, but he doesn’t seem too worried! But I suspect we will both pay for this early start later today.

I wonder if Joshua was so stimulated by the happy party earlier on, that his mind cannot now slide into sleep? Or if there has been a seizure or if one is brewing?  I am now going to try snuggling him down to see if we can grab any more winks before it gets light. Good night and wish me luck!

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