Fond memories of 20 years ago today

Today is our 20th wedding anniversary and so I tend to do a lot of reflecting on the last 20 years and how things today, with our Joshua, are very different to the expectations that we had twenty years ago. Nobody could have predicted back in 1995 what the future had in store for us and how we would cope with the challenges that present themselves on a daily basis!

Yesterday is a case in point : so from yesterday’s blog you may recall that Joshua and I were awake and up from 12.20am. By 7am he was still staring, clammy and now with blood-shot eyes and so it was an easy decision to keep him at home with me, in the hope that we could both grab a few hours of sleep during the day. We had another early bath to warm him up and then I changed him into clean pyjamas  and got him back into his bed. I left him to settle while I made a few phone calls, fed the dogs and the hens and when I went back upstairs, he was fast asleep as he should have been overnight.

With huge relief I worked for around an hour, as I was awake by then, until my eyes began to close, so I went to bed too and had 90 minutes sleep. I awoke feeling much more refreshed and relieved that Joshua was still snoring away. So I returned back to my work until around 3pm Joshua opened his eyes and gave me a big beam when I entered his bedroom. I felt as though I had my boy back, that sleep had done the trick, although Midazolam, his emergency anaesthetic remedy that was administered at school, does leave him washed out for 24-48 hours these days.

Joshua joined me downstairs and enjoyed a  hearty meal and watched ‘The Show’, his favourite music DVD, so that all was right again with the world. When my husband got home, he was greeted with a much happier son than he had left in the morning. I gave him the same hearty meal of comfort food, while I went into the office to finish off some work and then onto Tesco to buy some provisions. I had my tea when I got back and then Joshua and I shared another bath, his second of the day before changing into a clean set of PJs and fresh bedding.

Who knew that would be my destiny 20 years ago?

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