Memory Lane

My husband gave me the gift of time yesterday for our anniversary; my original plan for the day was a 2.5 hour drive to meetings with a client and then the same drive  back to be able to meet Joshua from school at 3.45. But my husband rang me when I was en route, to say that he was not feeling well and had gone back home to work from bed. This meant that he was not having  a great day but that I no longer needed to rush back as he would be on hand to meet Joshua from school.

Immediately my mind began whirring and I hatched a plan to re-visit our wedding venue, 20 years on, after my meetings so I rang and texted Mum to see if she was free to join me on this spontaneous outing. She replied to my text during my meeting that she was indeed free. Armed with the gift of time, the meeting ran over longer than I expected, so I did not pick Mum up until 3pm but we drove to the venue where we had a cream tea together after reminiscing about twenty years earlier. It really felt like a bonus outing.

This was effectively my lunch hour as I dropped Mum off back at home and then drove the hour return journey now in rush hour traffic. When I got home at 7.30, Joshua was fast asleep on the settee having had his medication but having missed his tea. he was stirring at 9pm and so I encouraged him to wake up and eat his cottage pie but then he decided he was ravenous and he helped me also with my pudding and then devoured a rice pudding too. I was anxious that he may not return to sleep after this ‘midnight feast’ but he obliged beautifully, just pleased to see his Mummy was back home, and he readily transferred to his pyjamas and bed, where he still is now.

I am sorry that my husband felt so rough on our wedding anniversary, but I certainly made the most of his misfortune and grabbed at the opportunity with both hands.

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