Joshua’s just sleeping

Today is the sleep workshop this morning and it was a week ago now that Joshua kept me up all night, but since then of course, he has slept well – if anything, too much! Yesterday I woke my self up coughing at 3 but he joined me at 5am, calling for ‘Mummy..go’. I tried giving him cereal in bed and allowing him to doze off again, but he was soon calling for me from upstairs again, so I gave in and brought a very jolly boy downstairs.

Due to our early starts, we were both ready for a nap on the settee after lunch and he obliged beautifully with a snuggle and then we had a bath, as we both enjoyed a day in our pyjamas. Joshua asked for ‘bed’ after his bath so he had an early night and is still there now, so he should be topped up ready for the week ahead.

It is the unpredictability of Joshua’s sleep that I find hard, he is ‘all or nothing’ these days, so I will ask about that at today’s workshop which is aimed particularly with epileptic children in mind. I expect the other attendees will have children younger than 14, as most will have resolved their sleep issues before then, but we shall see. Perhaps I can enquire about my own sleep issues while I am there? after the last 14 years of disturbed nights, I too suffer from a degree of ‘all or nothing’ sleep, although my nothing, unless Joshua is responsible, tends to be at least 2-3 hours. Most new mothers find the sleep deprivation one of the most difficult things to cope with, but with a teenager now, I do not consider myself to be a new mother and I think my body clock has adjusted so that I can cope on relatively few hours, although I find that after a 2-3 hour night, I need a siesta or else I start to feel sick and shaky. But just 30 minutes of deep sleep can set me going again.

So I am going to this workshop this morning, with a very open mind and eager to hear what they have to say and hoping that it could change our lives for the better!

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