Supermarket success

Joshua’s class is setting up a shop, with a real till and bar code scanner, to give the pupils a realistic retail experience and families are being asked to save food packaging to stock their shop shelves. The issue is that ‘toy shop equipment’ is all for toddlers, in primary coloured plastic and it is too small for our large teenagers. The teacher wanted to create as realistic retail environment as possible. As a lesson, the class typed letters to local supermarkets requesting help, in particular the teacher wanted two real baskets, but left to their own imagination the pupils asked for more than just baskets, the lists included Pot Noodle and shelving.

I got involved as parent governor to try to use the  brilliant letters to get some local support. I googled the local Asda stores and identified the name and email address of the Community Life Champion and dropped him an email requesting help. I received a very speedy response offering to lend the school two baskets, but I replied that this may not be practical due to the damage that they may sustain during school use and , as this was a long-term project, could we actually have two baskets!

I then had a telephone conversation with this Community Life Champion who not only agreed to give us the baskets but who would deliver them and he offered the class a behind-the- scenes tour of the store too! I was thrilled but asked for one more favour, that he reply to the pupil’s letters on Asda headed paper so that, as well as the baskets, they had proof that their written requests had been successful. The baskets were delivered, as promised on Friday and the letter was received yesterday.

This exercise has been a great example for me in ‘you don’t get if you don’t ask’ and in fact, Asda have delivered more than I asked for and for that, I am truly grateful on behalf of class 12.

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