Oh no, let down again!

Back in June I wrote about a complaint that I made to NHS about Joshua’s continence products and you might expect that, over four months later, that this issue was resolved but it is not. I told the continence nurse on 10 June that I was buying a  better night-time nappy from Amazon than the one that our Trust supplied and so I asked to be transferred onto that product to avoid the leaks that we were regularly experiencing with the inferior product that ce that our Trust had switched to, without any consultation.

Since that complaint, I have had three face to face meetings – one in school and two at home – and we have trialled two different alternatives supplied by the manufacturer that our Trust has the contract with. Both alternatives have proved to be more unreliable than the original product that I am buying myself. I fed back the outcome of the latest trial two weeks ago but have still heard nothing and when I chased it,, I was told that my feedback was being considered by ‘ Bladder and Bowel Health’. Of all of my issues over the years, in my view, this one has been the simplest to resolve ; I have told them which continence product suits my son and have asked that they supply it, rather than the cheaper alternative. Surely to respect my opinion and to source it for me, would have been a lot simpler response and more cost-effective than all of these meetings! It does not make any sense to me.

In addition, my September complaint about Joshua’s prescription mix-up also goes unresolved : I made an official complaint to the Head of the Trust on 10 September and I was told that, due to the seriousness of my complaint, it would require a full investigation and so I needed to wait 25 days for a response. Again, despite my chasing, I have heard nothing further. Why set timescales for responses ,if you are going to repeatedly miss them?

I feel badly let down by our local Trust but I am really not sure where I can take it next, but I intend to investigate and pursue other avenues of justice for my son.

One thought on “Oh no, let down again!

  1. I feel a duty to update this blog as I got a result on both counts after I wrote this blog : I had a voicemail message from the Continence Nurse yesterday to tel me that, after over 4 months of wrangling, they are going to supply the nappies that I asked for back in June! On Thursday I had a letter from the Director of Operations from our local Trust to explain what they had found from their investigation and how our problem is going to be avoided in the future! Result on both counts!!


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