Nocturnal reflections

I find it shocking that today is already the last day before the October half term holiday, when it just seems five minutes since Joshua was returning to school in September. We have had Harvest and when they return to school in November, we will be on the countdown to Christmas activities. Joshua already had a pantomime at school yesterday, much to my surprise and the Book Club at work brought his festive merchandise to our office yesterday – complete with candles and Santa toilet seat covers!

I know that Christmas is a super-exciting time for most children but it is not particularly a highlight for Joshua : he is so disinterested in opening parcels, I get embarrassed when he throws gift back at someone, still unwrapped. While he knows the word ‘Santa’ and repeats it, it is never said with any real excitement.Joshua never has a wish list of gifts that he would like to receive and for him, the festive season is about family being around and having lots to eat.

I have always been shocked how much other parents spend on gifts for their children at Christmas and we could come across as mean , but if there was something that Joshua really wanted or needed , then of course he would have it but that does not have to be restricted to during December. Often Joshua will receive a few books from us on Christmas Day and I know he will be spoilt with gifts from friends and family. It often takes him until New year to open his presents, such is his disinterest in the task, which will be alien to many families where wrapping paper is ripped off in seconds I  know.

Joshua’s love of music and in ’cause & effect toys’ means that over the years, we have accumulated a large number of singing reindeer, dogs and even ‘Christmas monkey’ whose tunes are activated by squeezing a foot, ear or tummy . These toys that come out for a few weeks in December, are as much about the Christmas tradition as anything else for Joshua and these toys seem to be like old friends who are more special because they are not around all year.

I love to find and give the perfect gift for the people that I care about and get excited by knowing how much they are going to love it, but beyond that I find much of the commercialisation of Christmas overwhelming. I really enjoy a simple carol service in a country church, although last year’s candle -lit service was somewhat ruined by an out of tune organist, which we found amusing, and by Joshua insisting on shouting ‘poo!’ out at inappropriately quiet moments, which was not so amusing. He may not be taken back to the carol service this year, although he has recovered from that habit for the time being, thankfully.

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