Dash at the eleventh hour

I was aware that Joshua had not had a seizure for 11 days , which is his best record, and so we have been anticipating some activity. Although happy when he got up, there was something unnerving about his eyes as I dressed him that told me that he was going to break his seizure-free honeymoon period. Nonetheless he went off happily to school, we cannot keep him at home on the off-chance.

I heard nothing all day until I was driving home from our local town,to be back home in time to greet my boy, and at 3.10pm Joshua’s teacher called and before she spoke, I knew what the news was going to be so answered the call with ‘oh oh!’. Sure enough, at his preferred time of day, Joshua had endured a five-minute seizure and was in the process of recovering. Then I had to decide whether to let him come home in the taxi as normal or to detour to collect him. The deciding factor was that his passenger assistant yesterday was someone who did not know him as she was standing in for his regular PA, so of course I took the 20 minute detour to school.

When I arrived, Joshua was standing in his classroom bouncing but his eyes were alternately seeing us but then disappearing up inside his head, so he had still not properly recovered and I was glad that I had fetched him. We wheeled him out alongside lots of excited staff, who were ready for finish for a week of half term holidays. Joshua’s fading in and out continued all the way home but he seemed to perk up once home with his ‘Show’ on.

I got him settled, gave him some snacks and his medication as he was going to have to wait for his tea, because I had invited friends round for a meal but now my timings were almost an hour later than they should have been. Luckily we are accustomed to adapting plans and when asked, I was adamant that I was not going to cancel the fun evening that I had planned. That would be letting the epilepsy win and take over all of our lives, no I explained, so long as we were not in A&E, the planned evening would be going ahead.

I am so glad that we did continue with the evening, as we had fun and it was just the tonic that we all needed, after all, laughter is the best medicine they say!

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