Seven go to the seaside!

We made the right decision to delay our holiday by a day, as Joshua was happy all day yesterday . He awoke with a smile, with the horrors of the day before’s seizures and emergency medication behind him and ready to embrace a new day. We managed to get away by 10.30, with our excited dogs, and Joshua sat in the front passenger seat next to his Dad the driver, with me relegated to the back seat! We listened to the radio all of the way and enjoyed a range of snacks to keep both boredom and hunger away. We stopped after about two hours to take the dogs a brief walk at an old haunt and we reminisced.

Back on the road, I dozed and when I awoke it became clear that it would be touch and go if we were going to arrive in time for the ferry that I had booked. As we contended with both road works and rush hour traffic, we arrived at the docks 5 minutes after our scheduled departure time. Luckily the service was delayed, so we boarded almost immediately.

Joshua adores the ferry and was excited to use the lift from the car deck up to the main lounge, where he devoured a sausage roll and a doughnut . After the short crossing, we arrived at the familiar port and drove the short journey, like excited mice, to our home for the next week. Normally on arrival we have to light the fire, make the beds and buy provisions, but as Granny was here already, we were greeted by a roaring fire, beds made already and the table laid for a meal and a glass of wine – what luxury! Joshua was thrilled to see his Granny, who was rewarded with a beam.

As he has been coming here all of his life, Joshua is very at home here and he barged into the sitting room , to check that everything was as he had left it in August. Having been cooped up in the car for so long, and probably due to the food he consumed on the ferry, he was not ready to sit down at the table and he was in bed, fast asleep , by 9pm, exhausted by his adventure.

We are very fortunate to have access to this holiday home as it carries with it, none of the anxiety of taking Joshua to a hotel where you risk a sleepless night due to unfamiliar surroundings. This is Joshua’s ‘home from home’ and fortunately, we all love it here, so we are happy to return here time after time.

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