Seven go for a pub lunch

Having spent a lazy morning at home, pottering about while Joshua slept, we decided to go for a pub lunch at an old favourite haunt and the food there did not disappoint. It is a smart pub where dogs are made more welcome than children, who have to ‘ remain seated at all times’ but the food makes the stress of keeping Joshua under control, worthwhile. I recall when he was small, we turned up to be told that children had to eat in the beer garden, so they have relaxed their anti-children policy now. Nonetheless, the pressure was on for Joshua to behave yesterday, as it was too wet to be banished outside!

He did not let us down, by staying seated and by enjoying his fish and chips , followed by sticky toffee pudding! We all ate well and enjoyed our dishes fact, I was more anti-social with my cough than Joshua was.

We had many meals out when Joshua was younger that ended in tears, as he would refuse to sit still or would mess about with his food. One memorable meal on this island, we ordered his a pasta dish but he had rejected it and insisted on standing up, giving us both indigestion as we battled with him to sit down. It was in a beach front cafe and so, in the end,his dad had taken Joshua onto the beach to watch the waves and we thought he would be fine there as we finished our meals , while watching him through the window. To our horror, he proceeded to have a seizure at the waters edge and of course, we were too far away to prevent him from falling over on the shore. In that case, he was not being naughty at mealtime but clearly felt the seizure approaching and we ignored the telltale signs that are more familiar to us now. Full of regrets, we took him ,and his lasagne ,home to recover.

 There are plenty of more child friendly eateries  here and one of our favourites is a Garlic farm: the food is delicious, it is educational about growing and cooking with garlic and the cafe is set up to observe red squirrels, like Squirrel Nutkin, eating hazelnuts outside the large picture window as you eat. No doubt we will be there before half term is over! We really are spoilt for choice.

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