Seven stink of garlic

Yesterday we had lunch at the Garlic Farm, which never disappoints. Due to my cough and Joshua’s sleepiness, my husband walked there with three dogs, while we followed on by car. It was really busy being half term, but they still made a big fuss of Joshua and made us feel most welcome. Sadly it was too busy for Squirrel Nutkin and his pals to come out to play but there were peacocks strutting about outside, waiting to be admired. We all three are plenty of garlic dishes so must reek today but luckily have no outsiders to confirm that!

Given the mild air , I wrapped up warm and walked the two plus miles back with two dogs who could not believe their luck. The golden Autumn colours were stunning. I enjoyed the peace and exercise but paid for it by coughing later.

We tend to find this is how our holidays are these days : one of us does an activity while the other does something else with Joshua. He is able to join in a lot but he would not have thanked us for a long wheelchair walk, he was eager to get home to doze on the settee! It will be the same today as we plan to go up the cliff where Dads ashes are scattered and will enjoy a pub lunch at the top! I expect my husband to walk up with a quota of dogs and we will meet him there as the terrain is too steep and muddy for his wheelchair, yet we have not brought his bulky off- road buggy this time as it takes up so much room.

My good day was made complete when I heard at teatime that my cousin’s new baby boy had been safely delivered. Welcome to the world new member of the family!

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