Seven pack up to go home

Our half term week is at a close and so this morning it is time to pack up and tidy up and head home. We are never very good at leaving, knowing that the routine of work and school beckon, as it would be simpler to curl up like little mice and hibernate here for the winter! Because of this and our missed day at   the start of the holiday, we are not leaving until the very last minute- we are booked onto a 2 pm ferry which means that we will not get home until bedtime tonight. While this gives us this morning then to pack up at a more leisurely pace, it does mean that tomorrow morning will be a struggle with getting Joshua up at 7.45 again and in pulling together his school bag. I recall that I am in the office on Monday but expect to be out and about every other day, do that is always more challenging too.

We have a couple of things to look forward to on getting home which should make leaving easier : we have missed Yorkshire Grandma and she will be there to do school pick ups tomorrow and Tuesday. Also we are collecting two black kittens to join our menagerie! I agreed to give these strays a home on the proviso that they were looked after until after half term, so that will increase our pets to four dogs and three cats! I hope that they will soon settle in and add to the chaos of our household! Joshua prefers dogs to cats, while his face lights up when he sees Ruby, our cocker spaniel, he is indifferent to cats and he tends not to tolerate them on his knee, even the most persistent kittens that we have adopted in the past.

So we should not be greedy, we have enjoyed a good break and there will be fun in store when we get back home too.

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