Seven arrive home and face the week ahead

It was a busy day yesterday, I spent all morning packing and cleaning up to leave our accommodation sparkling for the next guests. Joshua obliged by staying asleep in bed until midday and so I could run rings around him with the hoover and duster. He would occasionally open his eyes to inspect what was going on around him but then quickly decide it was not an activity that he needed to join in with and close them again! He did have his porridge mid morning, but curled back up like a dormouse immediately afterwards.

We left on schedule at 1pm and so were in good time for the ferry that I had booked. Joshua gets very excited on the ferry, but he took it all in his stride, enjoyed  a sausage roll then snuggled into me for a  nap/cuddle.Joshua is much more comfortable in the front of the car, where there is room for his long legs, so I was relegated to the back, where I had to pass out regular snacks to the driver to keep him alert. We stopped for our only break in the midlands, where we were all pleased to get out and stretch our legs. There was fog and half term traffic to negotiate, so we did not get home until 9.30pm – 8.5 hours after we left our accommodation! Joshua is a great traveller, he did some napping but mostly he enjoys watching the world go by, eating snacks, listening to music – this journey he jigged to The Rolling Stones and Paul Simon! – and sitting up front with his dad. He very rarely makes a fuss on long journeys, which is fortunate as we tend to make this particular road trip three times a year!

When we got home Joshua wandered around the ground floor of our house, while we unpacked the car, to inspect that all was well and as he had left it! He went into his own downstairs bedroom and played both the piano and his guitar, the two things that he seemed to have missed most. Then he sat on his bed, asking to go to sleep, so he was tucked up in bed by 10pm. While I was running about getting things organised for today – digging out his school bag and packing it up, writing in his home/school diary, checking my emails, putting a load of washing on and opening the week’s post. I too was tucked up in my bed just before midnight and now I am first up, ready to face the week ahead…..

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