First day done!

We all survived our first day back at work and school after our half term holiday : Joshua stayed awake much more than I expected; he enjoyed a morning swim, walked around the school scaring people with his Halloween noise-box that I had sent in to play with and in the afternoon, after his favourite music session, he had physio and a little nap! That sounds like a good mix of all of his favourite things to me, only dancing to a water fountain would have made it complete! He was met by Yorkshire Grandma after school, who gave him one of his favourite meals of fish fingers and chips! So by the time I got home from work at 6pm, he was contentedly snuggling into her in the armchair, chilling out to Pink Floyd, on the brink of sleep.

I had a really busy return to work and was kept on the go from arriving, until I left the office at 5.30 as work had backed up while I was away, and it looks as though I will be kept on my toes all week too. That is how I like it best to be honest. On the way home from work, I collected  a little black feral kitten to bring home. She is very timid and has not yet come out from behind the television, although overnight she has eaten her food, drunk her milk and used her litter tray already. I showed her to Joshua when we got back but he was not really interested, looking over her to continue watching and listening to his music. He is more interested in dogs than cats, but I am hoping that they wll learn to appreciate each other over time.

So the first day of the week seems to have gone well, lets see what the rest of the week has in store. Today is day 10 since the last cluster of seizures, so it is around now that I start to hold my breath and look over my shoulder….

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