The light at the end of the tunnel?

I was pleased a few weeks ago to explain that we had ‘won’ a four-month battle to be given the absorbent nappies for Joshua that I had found to be effective and so had requested from the Continence Nurse. Over the summer , we have had three face to face meetings with the continence service and have trialled two different ranges, neither of which suited Joshua and we experienced the same overnight leaks. I reported the results of both trials honestly and finally they accepted that only his ‘super pants’ were fit for the overnight purpose. I celebrated when I was told that the trials and meetings were over and that the matter was going to be resolved.

But my celebration was in reality, premature: I had a phone call from the continence nurse to confirm the precise details of the  super pants product so that she could ensure that the order was correct. So of course I asked how long I would have to wait for the delivery and was greeted by an embarrassed laugh , then she told me that it could be ‘up to 6 weeks’  longer to wait.So that means I will still need to order another two packs from Amazon to ensure that we have sufficient supply for up to another two months, at my own expense.

So this seemingly simple issue – providing the proven continence product – will have taken almost 6 months to resolve from my first complaint telephone call on 10 June until the first delivery. How can this be acceptable? how much must this issue have cost the NHS to resolve? How much resilience and pester-power have I had to exhibit to achieve this end result? I have had to run rings around the continence service and not everyone has that determination, and the easier option would be simply be to back down and buy the pads myself, but this was a point of principle for me: Joshua is allocated a fixed number of pads per day and I have been determined to ensure that he receives his entitlement. When the delivery is finally made, and the continence nurse could not give me an actual delivery date, trumpets will be sounded and the flags will go up outside as this will have been a big success and a big relief to reach a conclusion.

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