Calm after the storm

After all the adventures of the last few days, I was planning a quiet weekend when we could restore our batteries. I managed to sleep until 5.30 which was a lie in based upon the three previous mornings, but Joshua really mastered the lie in, staying asleep until 1pm. He must have needed the rest as a delightful, cheeky boy emerged from his bed : he was very verbal repeatedly asking for his ‘Show’ rather than the football that daddy was watching, giggling as he stuck his leg out to trip me up as I walked by and waving at me in the kitchen from his armchair. It was as if the extra sleep had renewed him and after the seizures and midazolam, he was now ready to embrace life.

We were invited to a bonfire party last night at the house of friends and we were the first to arrive. Joshua continued to be cheeky there offering lots of hugs and kisses and clearly feeling at home.But as more people arrived, he became more subdued and retreated into the lounge , while the party, and party food, was in the kitchen. I took him outside to sit by the bonfire and to watch the incredible firework display. He certainly watched some of the fireworks up in the sky but he would shut his eyes for the really loud rockets. But that is a huge improvement on when he was a little boy and we took him to the fireworks to open our town’s carnival and he screamed then wanted to hide in the car asking in a sad voice ‘where’s daddy’s keys?’  As he has grown older, Joshua’s defence, rather than running away, has become to simply close his eyes to shut out the world, which is a gentle protest I think.

He pulled to come inside after the fireworks ended and he went straight into our friends’ front room where he is familiar with their bed settee and he lay down and was asleep within minutes. I also stayed indoors as the smoke and cold night air had aggravated my cough.It was a fun evening and just the antidote we needed to the difficult previous few days and I am now hopeful for a more settled week ahead!

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