Daddy will be missing in action this week

I have just waved my husband off as he will be working in America until Friday, so he is now being driven to the airport. He will get to his destination by tea time tonight and then has a series of meetings all week until he leaves on Thursday evening. His absence has a few implications in terms of Joshua:

  • Joshua will miss him, often calling for ‘Daddy’ but never talking to him, or anyone, on the telephone. He tends to simply kiss the phone if it is passed to him. Due to the time difference, we only have a few windows when we will both be awake at the same time, so we do not speak as much as usual.
  • We will expect to be in bed earlier as Joshua can have his early bath and then go to bed, as I will eat my evening meal with Joshua. Consequently, we will probably be up early but this week I can be as noisy as I like in the wee small hours as I do not need to worry about waking the household
  • As far as work is concerned, I will not be driving very far away so that I can get back to school, if they need me to collect Joshua. So I have asked a colleague to go to Essex on my behalf.
  • I will be solely responsible for getting Joshua ready for school and taking care of him at night, so simple things like nipping to the supermarket will be impossible so I will need to be more organised than usual. As well as Joshua, I will be taking care of our four dogs, one cat, two new kittens and six hens! I will of course have help from Yorkshire Grandma so that will be a huge help.

So wish us luck this week as we are out of practice, he used to do a lot of overseas travel, but this is the first trip that he has made this year.

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