Sleepless in the wee small hours

Joshua was exhausted yesterday evening, Yorkshire Grandma kindly took him out for fish and chip supper and after he had eaten some bread and all of his fish, he nodded off and bumped his head on the marble table. So, when he came back home, he had an early bath, during which he kept closing his eyes, and so he was tucked up in bed, asleep by 7.30pm!

I had the evening to myself and although I too was nodding off on the settee during the early evening, I started doing a job at 11pm and managed to wake myself up, so much so that I was still awake at 1am when my husband texted from USA to say good night, so he called me with news of his day. So it was after 1.45 when I went upstairs to find Joshua laid across his bed, uncovered. When I went to cover him up I saw that he was awake and felt that he was wet. After a change of pyjamas, I brought him into our bed to sleep but sadly he had already had enough hours’ sleep already for one night.

I battled to try to keep him in bed and lay down but eventually he wriggled free and climbed out of bed. For the last 20 minutes he has been calling  ‘Daddy’ on the landing,who of course is too far away to hear. I called him back to bed but to no avail. At 4am I gave in and we have both come downstairs, where he has enjoyed his cereal already. I predict that he will go back to sleep in a couple of hours and will be in a deep sleep by the time I need to dress him for school!

If I had known that we would be up again at 4, I might have tried harder to get my own early night. People say that I should sleep when he does, like the advice given to new mothers. But this is not practical in the main for a working mum and I would not have had any ‘me time’ yesterday at all if I too had gone to bed at 7.30pm.

So we will continue to manage as best we can and see what today brings…….

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