Friday 13th was lucky for us!

After a difficult week, my husband and I were blessed with a night off! He flew back in from USA yesterday and got home around midday. He had a sleep in the afternoon then woke up to a fabulous welcome home hug and grin from Joshua , who had clearly missed him. In the past he has ignored his dad when he returned after a week away, which has felt disappointing .

Then Yorkshire grandma came round to give him his tea and to take care of him while we headed out ! I had bought us concert tickets for my husband’s birthday and little did we know then that by Friday 13th we would both be exhausted, for different reasons. We drove an hour away and checked into our hotel and had a bite to eat, before walking to the Spa to enjoy a concert. I did close my eyes in the darkness a couple of times but managed to stay awake, due to the good music.

We stayed behind after the show so that my husband could get the performers autograph and we got chatting to a couple from USA who were enjoying the sights of Scotland and the north of England.  We walked back to the hotel where we had a nightcap .

I heard from Yorkshire grandma that Joshua at 11pm had ‘ no sleep in him!’ But it was not my problem last night. We were away , leaving her in charge, and we were behaving like a ‘ normal’ couple, not as a family with a son with special needs. I slept until after 7 this morning, which is very rare and was most welcome!

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