Sleepy Head

While  I was away from home and Joshua I slept well, until 7.07am which represents a Saturday lie-in for me. We were back home yesterday afternoon after a good dose of sea air, some retail therapy and a lovely hotel cooked breakfast of pancakes. Joshua was pleased to see us home, and he had enjoyed 12 hours sleep  1am until 1pm and he had had fun with his Yorkshire Grandma, who has offered to have Joshua again and that is an option that we will certainly take her up on. We do not have to go as far as Cornwall to feast on Cornish pasties, to get a break from our caring responsibiliies, less than an hour up the coast will suffice.

So last night I fell asleep on the settee during the evening, I was tucked up in bed around 10pm and so of course, I was awake and have been up since 4am after my quota of six hours’ sleep. I have often wished that it would be possible to store up sleep in advance, to stock up at weekends as it were, and then to hold it in reserve for those nights when Joshua does not sleep at all. But sleep sadly does not seem to work that way.

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