A thoughtful day of travel

I had a long day away from the office yesterday, a long train journey which took me across London by tube and out the other side. On the journey down  we had one minute’s slence for the victims of the Paris attacks, which was eiry on the train, and gave me goose-bumps. I made myself cry thinking of those innocents who left their homes on Friday night ,for a fun night out, but never to return home again.

I have to admit to  feeling more anxiety than  an usual travelling across London – I walked from Kings Cross to Euston rather than using the Tube and I scanned the crowds more avidly then normal, looking for indicators of criminal activity. I realised that I had not kissed Joshua goodbye in the morning and this preyed on my mind – I had given him breakfast, made him a packed lunch and dressed him, but I had not said goodbye, which is something that I instantly regretted. Those victims of terrorism in Paris thought that they were coming home on Friday night, they may have gone out too with things left unsaid.

As it was, thankfully I returned home at 10.45pm, exhausted but home. My huband had given Joshua a bath and he was tucked up in bed, but he was not asleep so I went staright upstairs to kiss him good night and to show him that his mummy was home. I was rewarded with a beam and we had a cuddle. Yesterday was a day to not take those simple things in life for granted and I was relieved to return home in one piece. Once again I thought of the families of the Paris victims who were not so lucky, as I soon fell asleep.



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