Welcome to the Madhouse!

We have taken in two feral kittens, who I have called Nip and Fluff, and one is still very timid and runs away as soon as we approach. They have a basket in our snug and love to stretch out in front of our hot stove, and as they lie in their backs soaking up the heat, they do not seem to be afraid of risking a burn .But they represent further additions to our menagerie of four dogs , one sulking cat called Star and six hens. So my morning routine now involves getting breakfast for Joshua and my husband, porridge for the hens ,breakfast for the dogs and now kitten food and milk and changing their litter tray – all before getting me and Joshua dressed, and sometimes making two packed lunches.

The kittens are still too skittish to even feature on Joshua’s radar, I am not sure he even realises they have joined our household. He is much more interested in dogs than cats, whether that is down to his visual field as cats are more difficult to see , especially black kittens, or whether he is expressing a preference, I am not sure. 

But we have a new routine in the morning when he goes out to the school taxi in the morning : Ruby, our cocker spaniel, comes out with us too. She greets the driver and escort, then she jumps into the car and amuses Joshua as he climbs in too.  I have to drag her out, as she is determined to go to school too, and Joshua pinches a stroke of her as she is lifted across his knee. I then hold her as the taxi reverses out and Joshua giggles away to see Ruby wave him goodbye, whereas he would barely look at us in the past. It is so much better for my peace of mind, to think of a giggling boy driving off to school, rather than a sad, tired- looking one, so Ruby is a tonic for us both!

We are a family of animal lovers and of course I am a sucker for a stray, which is how we ended up with these two latest additions. But I really believe to be surrounded by animals is good for us all. I can easily lose an hour in the evening by watching these feline sisters chase each other and tumble about, they are such good fun. Joshua came downstairs at 3.30 this morning and as I look at him now, he has Ruby asleep on the back of the settee behind him and Jim is curled up next to him, so he is surrounded by his canine buddies, who are struggling to stay awake this early. Our pets bring real pleasure into all of our lives and so I say to Nip and Fluff, welcome to the Mad house!

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