Black Friday?

My Friday has rolled into Thursday as Joshua will not sleep for some reason, he has bounced out of bed five times so far.  I used this evening to bake chocolate brownies to take along to the first parent coffee morning at school later today, so I have just one more cake to bake now.

I deliberately did not ask for RSVPs as I did not want people to be deterred by that commitment, but that means that I have no real idea how many parents might appear , which makes preparing refreshments more awkward. I did give my contact details on the invitation and I have had five positive replies, and one text today from a mum who is not free tomorrow but likes the idea, so intends to come along in a fortnight.

Rather than being the Black Friday that the retailers are copying from USA, I am hopeful that this might be a Bright Friday, when new contacts will be made and links will be forged for the future.

I enjoy baking and in the main, I bake sweet treats to make people smile, I am happy to go the extra mile. I often leave a couple of biscuits on the doorstep of a retired-colleague who is suffering after chemotherapy treatment and I recently spent my lunch hour baking shortbread hearts for a bereaved friend, feeling as though it was the only comfort that I could offer her.

However my baking has taken a different turn lately :  yesterday I was commissioned by two colleagues at work to make 100 shortbread biscuits for them during Christmas week and they are going to give them to friends and family as gifts! So my snowmen, holly and Christmas tree cutters will get another outing soon .

But I have also used my baking as a bribe in Orthotics appointments, where I have struggled to get good service in the past: Lately we have had orthotics clinics in school and for the last three apointments I have come armed with home-baking which I allocate at the beginning, to set the desired tone. I have found that rather than writing endless complaints to the service about the time taken for Joshua’s helmet to be made or the repeated failures to measure his feet correctly , so that his made- to -measure boots did not fit, bribing the staff with cake gets a much better response. We have had a new pair of boots very painlessly this time and they have even squeezed us into clinics where no gaps really existed. So their sweet teeth have got the better of them and I have made the most of their love of homemade baking!

Lets hope my baking works its magic later today then and encourages parents to return time and time again.

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