Success to report

I am delighted to report that, from my perspective, the first parent drop in/coffee morning at school went well yesterday:

  • The school office report that we had fourteen parents come along. I had to ask them as I had no idea, it felt like more to me as  on a couple of occasions a large group all arrived at the same time, which tested my coffee making and waitressing skills! There was a good mix of parents with children of all ages, in fact  a new baby and two toddlers arrived too, but we had parents of juniors up to some parents with young people in the sixth form, so there were good opportunities to share experiences and advice.
  • There were no awkward silences, those who came chatted easily and we covered a wide variety of topics ranging from the importance of social workers and the role of parent governors to the impact of puberty in our young people. A couple of mums shared their own health worries and how difficult it is for a mum of a child with special needs to be able to take the timeout to be poorly. It was not all complaining, but the tone was already one of mutual support and encouragement.
  • They seemed to enjoy my home baking, which went down well in the main. One mum said that she could not face cake at 9.30am but she took some home to eat later, and she did seem to be in the minority. I only brought a few leftovers home and I donated some flapjack and brownies to Joshua’s class and to the school office, who had been busy escorting parents down to our meeting room all morning.
  • Some parents stayed all morning, which suggested that they were having a good time and many asked when the next one would be. They seemed to be pleased when I suggested that it was planned to be a fortnightly thing and I had an email last night from one attendee, thanking me and offering to bring a baking contribution of her own next time!

So that seems to have been a success and now we just need to widen the net and invite a wider audience. Hopefully also word of mouth will get out and those who came yesterday, might bring another parent that they know, that way it will grow. I am delighted that the first event went so well and I hope that it will become a regular group that goes from strength to strength and ultimately, that meets even if I am not free to be the hostess.

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