A temporary change of emphasis

Joshua and I are still trying to recapture our lost Thursday night’s sleep and I think he is closer to catching it back than I am! Yesterday I woke him at 10 when I heard that his PA was on her way to our house, so he slept as late as he could. He was dressed and breakfasted by the time she arrived, but had his head back down on the arm of the settee. He did raise his head to give her a smile but then nodded off again.

It was wet,cold and windy day here and so he was not keen to play outdoors, so he was excited to see her pack his car cushion as they set off! We pottered about at home at first and then headed out on a shopping trip, liberated by the knowledge that Joshua was in safe hands and that he would not be objecting to our browsing aimlessly . I enjoyed the freedom of looking around shops’ first floors, more easily getting through doors, as I was wheelchair -free. We could eat when we were hungry and not when Joshua needed to eat or when he was bored with shopping.

As the weather was grim and Joshua was such a sleepy boy, his PA brought him home at 3pm. So they were home first, so by the time we returned, Joshua was back on the settee, where he stayed all evening, just waking briefly to take his medicine and yoghurt.

We are having another Joshua-free afternoon today as my husband and I will be enjoying some birthday theatre tickets to see a comedian, while Yorkshire Grandma takes care of the boy. With a bit of luck, he will be fed, bathed and tucked up in bed by the time we get home around midnight. So this has been an unusual weekend which is more about us and less about him for a change.

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