Joshua’s letter to Santa

It is the time of year when I am repeatedly asked what Joshua would like for Christmas and the honest truth is that I really have no idea! He does not enjoy unwrapping a present at all – often wrapped presents are thrown back at the giver, which is always embarrassing. He is given so many gifts that it can take until new year to get through the unwrapping, such is his disinterest. I am always concerned that it comes across as rude ingratitude, but it is a simple lack of understanding or appreciation of the present sharing process.

I tend to suggest clothes as that is something that he will wear and use, as opposed to many games or DVDs that have sat unappreciated until I have recycled them in many cases. I recently donated a carrier bag of under-appreciated children’s films and cartoons to a friend’s son, who is delighted with the gift of entertainment! Joshua is reluctant to deviate off Shrek 2, Madagascar, Lion King, a Bruce Springsteen concert and the Live8 Show so even Madagascar spin offs with the same characters have been rejected as well as subsequent versions of Lion King or Shrek! The cartoons with lots of music in seem to have the greatest chance of success, but try as I might, he would not tolerate Frozen, which has been donated to his cousins. He has a definite feel for what he likes and dislikes and does not seem to be prepared to give new films a chance, he will not entertain a dance and would consider them to be ‘pants’.

Joshua enjoys musical instruments but he now has numerous guitars, mouth organs and wooden African frogs, so he probably has sufficient and he enjoys banging about on the piano as much as anything. Since his surgery, Joshua has lost fine motor skills in his right hand which he used to use to hold a book and so he now struggles to turn the pages of a book, which he used to adore to do, so that has removed a potential gift idea.

If there was something that Joshua wanted or needed, we would buy it for him in a heartbeat. But I cannot see the point of spending money on gifts that will go un played with. So this year Santa has bought him a ticket for a rock concert next April. He will not have to unwrap anything and he will enjoy the outing with friends and family as much as anything else that I can think of!

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