Happy go lucky

I continue to feel very fortunate that Joshua is a gentle, laid back soul who appears to take life in his stride. He has never reacted aggressively at a change of routine, carer, foodstuff or location that I can recall, while many of his schoolmates are simply not equipped to handle such unpredictability and it can cause a meltdown. He is aware of a change of routine, such as last night, his dad was in charge of the bedtime routine as I was at school for a Governor’s meeting. So I was relieved, after a long day, to get home to find Joshua bathed and tucked up asleep in bed, where he thankfully stayed all night long.

I imagine that is Joshua’s personality shining through his disability, whereas sometimes in others, the disability seems to overwhelm the personality. I was recently asking a friend how her son’s 15th birthday went and her son had enjoyed a great day, until the family meal out in a restaurant. Her son had selected his dessert but sadly, had reacted badly when his sister was served first, and he had attacked them all, lashing out at what he perceived as injustice. She was devastated that he had spoiled an otherwise happy, family occasion.

I spoke to another mother of a 16 year old who he is finding the natural progression of puberty, his voice breaking, to be an upsetting experience and it is creating behaviour problems with him. Those teenaged years are  challenging enough without the added complication of autism and two virtually non-verbal boys, such that the world will seem a very confusing place and one that they do not seem to be well equipped to handle.

Yet Joshua appears to have taken puberty in his stride, which is fortunate as he has had a moustache and a low voice since he was about 10/11 and if he was last to be served his pudding, he would have no qualms about stealing someone elses as his remedy.

So we begin day 14 between seizures and I am now going to stop mentioning it ,as it really does feel as though I am tempting fate and setting him up for a fall. I must try to adopt my son’s more laid back approach and take each day as it comes, without too much analysis.

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