Precious times

My weekend starts a day earlier than most as I do not work on Fridays, so my weekend begins on Thursday night. I really appreciate my days off and tend to squeeze a lot into them, things that I love to do. Today I am meeting my sister for retail therapy , gossip and cake! What could be better? She lives 90 minutes away so we are meeting halfway and I cannot wait. She has booked another day off work next week to attend the school Christmas concert, for which Joshua has had his dress rehearsal this week. So the festive season is well underway now, with three more weeks to go, and we have one of my husband’s work Christmas parties tonight too, so Yorkshire grandma is back to kindly babysit.

One of my favourite events at this time of year though is a carol service at church, when we sing all of the familiar  carols, which usually make me cry. I go to a local one as well as the service that school have, when all of the children walk to a local church. There is usually a nativity scene and some readings too and it’s a rare opportunity to see the whole school together in one place.It is normally a noisier carol service than most but I love the buzz and to see everyone , even though I appreciate what a stressful event it must be for staff and for some of the children too.

Joshua slept through yesterday’s pantomime performance I believe, which is quite a skill during a noisy panto! Yet last night at 11pm he was asking for endless food to eat and then a bath, so who knows what today will bring as he is no respecter of my plans or day off! But I’m sure that his Aunty will not mind if today we have to take a detour. It has now been 15 days since Joshua’s last seizure and so, anything could happen but I am determined to try to make the most of it, even though inevitably I am on high alert. 

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