Girls just wanna have fun

I had a wonderful day off yesterday; it was the perfect mix of good food, giggles, retail therapy and quality time with my sister. We met up halfway between us both, so we both drove for under an hour, and having parked we headed straight for breakfast in a cafe. We talked constantly while we enjoyed scrambled eggs on toast with a pot of tea.

Then, having out the world to rights, we browsed in a couple of shops. We had hours in my friend’s boutique trying on clothes while chatting, and the time flew away from us in there. We both came out with bags of goodies which we are thrilled with and headed back to the cafe for a light lunch we enjoyed a ‘sharing plate’ then we headed home. So it was the perfect way to spend my day off.

Throughout the day however,  I had my mobile phone glued to my side, in case I needed to detour to school to rescue Joshua after his long-awaited seizure. But he had a good day, with time at the soft play area and a swim in the afternoon. My husband and I were out last night at his work Christmas party and got home around 1am. I must have disturbed Joshua as he knelt up in bed and started shouting ‘go, go’, ‘tea’ and ‘bath’ so anything rather than sleep. I tried to snuggle him down but he so stong and he yanked my hair really hard. By 2am I gave up and brought him into the snug for cereal and toast. We tried several times to get back into bed, but he would not ie down. His pupils were enlarged and so I was convinced that the seizure was finally on its way. But he fought it off a night long and here we are facing a new day and whatever it may bring….

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