A storm brewing

In the main Joshua had a good day yesterday, he was happy, vocal, affectionate and very sociable – he was determined to get a smile from a lady in a shop and then spotted the same lady in the cafe where we were having lunch later, and he beamed at her again. It is not always obvious why a particular stranger catches his eye, although mostly the young, pretty girls are an obvious teenaged choice and he is hoping that Cupid will strike, but he often also picks out an older lady as the object of his attention.

Normally Joshua has no tolerance for shopping, but the weather was so wet and windy that he was glad of any port in a storm and so was very happy to enter any shop or cafe. I chose some Christmas cards with lambs in woolly jumpers on in one shop and showed them to Joshua reminding him that it was a sheep. ‘Sheep’ he repeated and he took the cards from me and gave them a little kiss, showing his approval of my choice.

However, the dreaded seizure felt as though it was on the brink all day too with occasional lapses into staring and momentary vacant expressions. We had both been up since 2am but Joshua was not as tired as you might have expected, whereas I nodded off whenever I sat down virtually! After his evening bath,Joshua went to bed and I came downstairs to enjoy some time without him, or so I thought, but he appeared on the stairs raring to go again and I dreaded another sleepless night andI allocated shifts with my husband in readiness. But thankfully Joshua sat for a while and then he uttered ‘bed, bed’ so I did not need asking twice and off we both went to the land of Nod.

It was wild weather outside, torrential rain and wild wind, but neither of those kept me awake. So here we are, ready for another day and feeling more refreshed and ready to face the world and whatever the day may throw at us…..

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