We can thank our lucky stars

It was wild weather where we have been this weekend, with winds as strong as I have known and torrential rain blowing sideways, so we were not too inclined to get out there amongst the elements. But thankfully there was no thunder and lightening to add to the high drama. We did venture out in the afternoon yesterday to witness the storm’s devastation , with many roads being flooded, and my heart goes out to those whose homes have been flooded, which somehow seems so much worse at this time of year.

Joshua was not impressed to be dragged out , against his will, when he was perfectly contented on the settee in front of the fire, although before he got wet, he found the weather amusing. He showed huge relief and excitement every time we ventured into a shop. I bought him a fleecy hat, with a chin strap as otherwise he would grab it off his head and throw it into a puddle, to keep his ears warm. He gave me a look of disgust as I strapped him into his hat but once outside the shop, I noticed that he made no move to remove it, he just sulked.His extremities, his hands and feet, are always cold and they take some warming up once they get cold. That is not a trait he has inherited from me as my hands and feet are regularly too hot, but I guess it is the result of poor circulation.

We treated ourselves to lunch out, but Joshua rejected his warming ham and lentil soup in favour of his crusty bread , followed by some of Daddy’s scone. He enjoyed the warmth and bustle of the cafe and I took advantage of the gift shop to buy a few stocking-fillers. We  wondered at the power and swell of the rivers and waterfall before heading back, again thanking our lucky stars at being spared from any flood damage.

When we got home late last night, it was as if it had all been a dream as there were no puddles even on the drive , which soon floods after heavy rainfall until it drains away eventually through the block paving. There was a stillness in the air, with no breeze at all. So the storm damage that we were dreading at home did not seem to be an issue at all.

I have a long drive ahead of me today for work and so I am hoping that I do not encounter any further problems on the roads. It will be an overnight stay for me tonight, as I will be working until 9pm, so I am leaving Joshua in daddy’s hands, which can make them both nervous. Luckily , Yorkshire Grandma will meet Joshua from school and will give him his tea ,before my husband gets home from work, so it is only the bedtime routine that he needs to crack.

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