Thank you for the music, the songs we’re singing

Yesterday I spent 8 hours driving in the car, crossing the country. I listened to the radio for much of that journey , alternating between the music on Radio 2, the afternoon play and Woman’s Hour on Radio 4 and then, when nothing caught my interest,  singing along to my favourite CD . They all helped to pass the time and miles, and as I spent the night in a hotel, I still have to complete the journey this morning. I wrote this blog before I left at 5.45 but as I had no wifi, I could not publish it until I got home.

Joshua’s passion is music  and he would have enjoyed the music that filled the car. As a small boy, he would seek out the speakers in any cafe  or shop that we entered and would stand underneath them as a dancer, jigging along to the music. Now he is more likely to be strapped into his wheelchair when we are out and about, but he still bounces in his chair and ‘conducts’ with his arms  if we pass a busker that catches his ear. Often Joshua’s obvious enjoyment of the music has drawn a larger crowd for the busker and he has a wide collection of free CDs, when they have been touched by his adoration. Hence we have a random selection of CDs at home, ranging from pan pipe classics to Irish accordion music. Although he has enjoyed their live performances, once back at home, he has rejected their folk music in favour of his rockier heroes, Bruce Springsteen or Pink Floyd.

Joshua has only a little language and in the past, I used to endeavour to hear his voice everyday. When he would not speak, I could often trick him into joining in with a favourite song : he would almost always sing out, in his deep voice,  the last words of ‘door’ and ‘ knee’ from  the nursery rhyme ‘wind the bobbin up’ if I would sing the rest. Similarly , he would add, with great pleasure ‘ my dear’ to a Snow Patrol favourite of his or ‘instead’ to Robbie Williams’ ‘Angels’. It was rare that he would resist joining me in a duet and I would make such a fuss about his contribution,  that he would get excited and want to repeat the experience, so we were both rewarded.

I am now back home, just in time to hug my boy and wish him well for his day at school, so normal service is resumed.

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